I actually woke up on time this morning and actually had a few extra minutes to get ready for today (which I just wasted lying there in bed). I had always hated going in to school each morning but now it seems I’m always looking forward to the day. I think it may be that I have people to look forward to seeing.

Each morning I meet up with people in the schoolyard before school starts and after I eat breakfast. If I’m lucky my two friends Venus and Amanda will be at breakfast with me. Then we go out to hang with all their friends who I hardly know but enjoy being with anyway (They have some cute friends ;D). Sometimes I like to sneak away from them to go see someone else.

Brian. My crush. I told him how I felt about guys and he was cool with it, but he didn’t feel the same way. I know this next part may not be cool but I still hit on him, it’s just a joke though to us. He doesn’t find it weird as long as he knows that I know he’s straight. I constantly hug him and sometimes give him cheek kisses, which are also okay with him, still as long as he sure I don’t think we’re together. We are still some of the best of friends.

Which is why one day next month will be the hardest day for me.

Brian is going to be moving to Ohio next month and he won’t be coming back. He thought he was going to finish the school year but he then posted on Facebook that he will be moving early April. When I read that post I actually started crying. I knew it had to happen I just wish it wasn’t so soon. But I guess I’ll have to suck it up and move on. I know there won’t be any more Brian’s out there but I’m sure I can make some new friends. I’m going into high school soon too so I’m sure I can meet other people there as well.

People were giving me a lot of weird looks in the schoolyard as well, and I knew exactly why. Yesterday I got a new pair of Skullcrushers by Skullcandy. They were those really bulky headsets but the sound was incredible, they also had a sweet silver design to them as well. Not only are they good looking, but they also have some of the greatest sound quality I have ever heard. They are sound isolating, too so all you hear is the music. I can listen on the bus without hearing the revving of the bus engine.

In first period we had Math, which I was sure was going to be a drag because I got the teacher pissered at me last Thursday for sort of goofing off in class and arguing with her over me being late to class. She then called my house to tell my folks about me being rude and according to my mother was going to move my seat, which was the worst part. I sat with these two cute guys and another who were really cool people. Turns out the whole incident was completely forgotten and the lessons are going on as normal (maybe it was because I apologized the next day).

We then had Latin, in which I hardly paid attention to the lesson because I was drawing and talking to my friend Dan. But I drifeted in and out on the lesson so I got the jist of what the teacher wanted us to know. it was mostly a review.

We had Science next and then Gym class, (which cute Brian was in). We were doing the usual basketball, which I’m not too fond of but not too bad at either. We spent some time shooting free hoops in which me, Brian, and this kid Jacob, who I have decided to call “Sunshine” because he reminds me of Justin from Queer as Folk.

Next was History class which I enjoy because the teacher doesn’t like me all that well (yet I enjoy his company and hate for me). I think he hates me because at the beginning of the year I was putting my feet on the bars of my desk which seems to be a pet peeve of his. So today we had powerpoint notes on Renaissance artists, which we were all doing reports on. And wouldn’t you know it my subject, Lorenzo Ghiberti, came up on the notes, which lead the teacher to giving me trivia on his life. It was all going great until he asked me how tall the Gates of Paradise were to which I simply responded, “I don’t know.” to which my history teacher booed me into my seat (in a joking manner of course). He said it was between 10 and 15 feet tall, but I looked it up when I got home and found it to be about 16 and a half feet tall.

Next was English, which for once I was prepared for and then at the end of the day we had Drama, which I don’t care much for since the teacher is too in with the norm. The only thing I enjoy about that class is the teachers crazy boombox, which is so colorful it reminds me of candy.

I left school and went to the bus stop, and was glad the rain dried up. On the bus for a first Amanda was there to ride with me and Brian. She came in and jokingly called us lovebirds, which we smiled to. And on the bus there were these two girls, Taylor and Mary, who saw me sitting with Brian and Taylor said, “Are you two friends?” When I replied “Yes” she gave we some weird surprised look.

“What?” I said, confused by her reaction. She then said along with Mary “Are you… confused?” I was outraged by the word ‘confused’ seeing as this was a sure thing. But I kept my cool. “Nah, I’m pretty sure,” I said acting like everything was fine. “No but like are you confused?” she kept on badgering. So I guess I had to be pretty direct with this. “I’m gay, and I’m sure of it.” I then got the most priceless look from her and Mary, similar to the one from before. “Really?” “Yeah. But don’t tell my sister, or anyone about this, okay? That goes for you, too,” I said pointing at Mary. Right then they got off the bus, obviously talking about what i just said.

It wasn’t weird telling them, since it’s a lot easier to open up to girls (or guys if you know they’re cool like Brian). So I got off, all cool, slipped on my Skullcrushers, and continued home, listening to Nirvana…

One baby to another says
I’m lucky to have met you
I don’t care what you think
Unless it is about me
It is now my duty to completely drain you
I travel through a tube
And end up in your infection

Chew your meat for you
Pass it back and forth
In a passionate kiss
From my mouth to yours
I like you…