I woke up hearing a commotion downstairs. Just as I get up I hear the words, “Where’s Christian?” So I curiously walk down the stairs. “Did you leave the laundry on the floor last night?” My mom said to me with a very angry look. I was still half asleep so I was hardly looking at her with blurry eyes. “No,” I replied with a slur in my words. “Get in the laundry room and look at the clothes,” my mom said with her teeth clenched. I though I was getting a smack as I walked by but I guess I am too old for that now.

When I walked into the laundry room there was a very small bit of clothes on the floor, definitely not something to make a huge deal out of. But knowing my mom every little thing is “The sky is falling!” to her. I knew it was me from throwing on my pajamas last night, but since I wasn’t thinking because I was still mostly asleep, I ended up saying it wasn’t me and realizing that it was me after I said that. So later that morning as I was heading out the door I was stopped by my mother and was told that she knew it was me. So then I had to fold all the laundry after school.

School couldn’t be all that interesting seeing as it was a half day for us today. When I got to school there was something missing. Amanda wasn’t there so there was no extra hug from her. Just one from Venus, who was a little occupied with her boyfriend who I can’t stand. All I think he wants from her is to be able to show her off to his friends. Just like last Friday at the school dance he was sitting with her in the corner of the room with me and Amanda. He called his friend over just to tell him he was with two “chicks” as he called them. How disgusting. I slipped away from her though to go see Brian.

When I got to his usual hangout spot, he wasn’t there, but he then appeared out of the blue right when I got to his spot. We said high and he said the following, “I’m usually an asshole in the morning. But I’ve realized that when I have hot chocolate it make me happy so I’m a happy asshole.”

I gave him a hug just for him being cute, which he didn’t reject. “I thought you were a happy asshole,” I said after the hug. “Eh.” I smiled. “Come on,” he said, leading me to the front doors of the school building. We met up with his friend, Alex, who I knew from my Latin class. We sat there talking about nothing, watching some tall kid skip around the schoolyard, laughing as we watched him happily skip along. No one knows why that kid does that, but Alex told me to go tell him, “Tag! You’re it!” I refused knowing something would happen. Alex then said, “If you do it he’ll chase you around.” I then urged Brian to do it, and he flatly refused.

Maths was the same, along with English, but Science was “oodles of fun”. We were supposed to make posters describing potential and kinetic energy, and could make it as hilarious as we wanted. I was origonally supposed to be partnered with my bud Ricky, who I call “crippy” because he had gotten in a snowmobile accident and even though he was better i decided to call him that to remind him not to be stupid and go for a jump again. Instead I was partnered with a kid named Charles in my class who was a pretty cute guy, yet for the most part emotionless.

Charles’ facial expression never changes, so I figured I had to make him laugh. He has that same bored look as always so I decided to point it out which made him, along with the other people at our table, our friends Rita and Shaira laugh along with us. So for our project I suggested we do an elephant jumping off a high dive into a glass of water. I don’t know how that’s going to work yet but if someone was able to make a catapult shooting cows into an impaling spike then anything must work. Charles in his I-don’t-care way agreed.

Turns out Charles isn’t much of a worker. I told him to make a ladder for the diving board, which turned out to be a 2nd grader at best’s paper cut out of a ladder. I had to giggle and Charles just told me he wasn’t an artist. I myself was able to make the elephant and the glass of water. Not much but we didn’t have a lot of time. Me, Charles, Rita, and Shaira spent most of the time talking anyway.

I ended up giving the elephant away to my friend Ella in history because she collects elephants. I can always make a new one anyway. It was a pretty good drawing of an elephant though.

The bus ride home was a usual, me and Brian met up at the bus stop, with Brian giving me a huge smile and me smiling back. If only he was mine. We also met up with a friend of his named Taylor, who apparently like to poke Brian’s cheek, holing her finger there. A kid on the bus, Frankie, who can be an ass but only when he’s around his friend Doug, who is my worst enemy, told Taylor she was a weirdo but she didn’t mind. I missed my bus stop talking to Brian because I was trying to see if his eyes dilated when he looked at me. (If you guys don’t know why it’s because if your eyes dilate when you look at someone it means they like you. Try it sometime.) So I had a long walk home. But it was okay. More time to use my Skullcrushers.

When I got home my mom seemed to have forgotten the whole laundry incident earlier. I just won’t mention it and hopefully won’t have to fold laundry. I really suck at it… It’s really just the shirts I have trouble with it. My mom is much neater.

Hugs and love, Tortoise