I woke up a little late this morning again. I think I have to stop staying up so late now. So I just quickly threw on an outfit and ran out the door.

When I got to the schoolyard, it was different. Neither Venus or Amanda were there. I went into breakfast and was greeted by Rita, and her friend Lily, who then joined me for breakfast. so I wasn’t alone after all. After breakfast I decided to look for Amanda and Venus. I went to their usual hangout, where I found nothing but ex-boyfriends of theirs. As I was walking back I got a text from Brian asking where I was. He then told me he was at the front door and I went to join him.

I went to Brian who was with Alex again where we talked and waited to go inside. He was wearing a funny shirt today, too which was like a funny flowchart that explains why homework causes global warming.

Today started with Latin which was a bit of a drag. Although my friend Dan saw me drawing the gay love symbol on my paper, but he didn’t know what it meant. I just said to him “If only you knew.”

Next was FACS class in which we were starting cooking. Unfortunately the teacher was gone today for the second time in a row so we just did worksheets, as if it were anything compared to cooking.

Science was again the highlight of my day. We had finished up our posters and were presenting them. I had made a new elephant and this time it looked a lot better. Not to mention I gave it a pair of sexy antlers. So me and Charles went up tot he front of the class where I explained our poster.

“So here we have our poster which is an elephant jumping off a high dive into a glass of water. Notice the elephants sexy antlers.” The class started to giggle. “Here at the top of the board he has 100% potential energy and grad—” “Wait.” My teacher said, interrupting me. “What’s with the ‘sexy antlers’?” I just plainly said, “They’re sexy antlers…” It then turned into a discussion over how necessary they were.

The next few presentations were good but I believe me and Charles stole the show. One person said after their presentation, “Mine was the best looking.” To which I quickly responded, “Well mine had the sexiest antlers.” She argued, “Elephants don’t have antlers!” as if it wasn’t obvious enough already. I would have snapped back but I figured it wasn’t worth arguing over. At the end of class me and Charles realized we didn’t put a title on our poster. So I quickly grabbed it and wrote down the most obvious title: “Sexy Antlers”. As I went up to the teacher to re-hand it in she said, “If it has the word ‘sexy’ in it I’ll throw it out.” I stopped and quickly scribbled out ‘sexy’ and made the title just “Antlers”.

In English we started reading The Giver. It’s about a fantasy of an ideal society. We only read a few pages but we got a little notice on it. In History we went over more Renaissance art to prepare for tomorrows test. At the end of class I walked up to my teach and said to him, “Sixteen and a half feet.” He knew what it meant and said with a smile, “Very good.”

As I was at the bus stop I realized I had been waiting there for a while for Brian and he hadn’t shown. I sent him a text message wondering where he was but he never replied. I shrugged, taking one last look for him coming to the stop, and getting on the next bus. Me in my unluckiness received a text after I got off the bus and was turning my street corner. It was from Brian. “I am now,” to which I replied, “Dammit, I would’ve waited. Whatever, see you tomorrow, love.”

I later had hockey, which was unusually fun. I haven’t been enjoying hockey as much as I used to, and I’m quitting when I move into high school. I didn’t like this team too much because we weren’t the best in the league and some of the players can be… asses. But lately I’ve been getting along pretty good with most of them, except of course for one person. There is always going to be that one guy who you can’t stand. His name is Dean, he’s always the one to point out my little mistakes. What does he know about being a goalie anyway?

But it was a pretty good time. I was just stopping shot left and right, and even decided to drop my stick and put my hands behind my back to give myself a good challenge. Didn’t work out too well though but I stopped one here and there. There was also this cute kid who I ended up alone in the locker room with. He’s been on my team for a while now but he’s really shy (which I find to be the cutest thing ;D) and doesn’t talk much. He actually talked for like the first time ever. I have really got a thing for the shy boys because I just fell in love with him there. When he was leaving I told him, “Wait. Can you smile for me.” He obeyed and gave me a sweet boyish smile to which I responded, “Aw you have a cute smile.” He giggled and left.

It was a pretty lonely day though. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.