Today on the bus was a very interesting ride. I was sitting on the bus, head down, really into my music, when there was a tap on my shoulder. I took off my headphones to see Taylor with Mary looking at me. They apparently still didn’t understand. “So are you really…” Taylor said. “Yes.” “I don’t believe you.” “Why not?” “I just can’t imagine it. Brian said you weren’t really… that way.” This I was a little taken back by. “Wait… Brian?” Taylor nodded. This I would have to talk to Brian about later. “Well I am gay, so believe it.” She still couldn’t so I reached into my backpack to pull out a drawing of the gay love symbol. I showed it to both Taylor and Mary and they just stared. I then put it away, slipped on my Skullcrushers, and continued to listen to my music until we got to the school.

I was going to go eat breakfast, but I just wanted to check one thing. I went around the corner of the school and guess who I saw? Amanda! Along with Venus, Venus’ boyfriend, and our little buddy Josh, who is as cute as a button. I gave them all hugs and we went to go hang out. While there Amanda looked past me, then back to me and said, “Look behind you.” I turned to see Brian standing with a smile. “Brain!” I shouted, giving him a hug.

After I cam out from breakfast I wen to go see my friends. On the way though I saw them walking back. Apparently Josh had a bad breakfast and was going to throw up. We went inside and I followed Josh into the bathroom while he did it. His face was beat red when he looked up at me. He didn’t throw up too much but I could hear his gargling inside him. Gross. He didn’t vomit much but he spit up a bit. We ended up sending him to the nurses office and left him there.

While hanging with Amanda and Venus at our spot, my hat fell off. Amanda then proceeded to style my hair into an ’emo’ style, as she called it. To be honest, I kind of liked it, so I decided to keep it that way for the day, constantly swinging my head to the right to put it back in place.

The day started with Science and History, which weren’t too special. But Latin was a bit interesting. On the way there I was walking with friends Dan and Devon. Ont he way I told them I was gay, after Devon using the word to describe my hair, but I don’t think they believed me. They Just shrugged off the remark as if I was joking. We also played a game at the end of Latin class, and I was about to go up with a semi-friend of mine named Ben. We ended up not going up so I was joking around pretending to be all depressed and Ben was just like, “It’s okay.” And gave me a hug which was meant as a joke but it gave me that warm happy feeling inside. I never thought about it much but Ben is actually pretty cute.

In study period after that I sat at a table with the stereotypical “jackasses”. The only thing that got me was that they kept using the words ‘gay’ and ‘fag’ as insults. No matter how much I wanted to give them a piece of my mind, I just got up and left for the bathroom. While in there I went to the wall inside the stall and wrote, “What’s wrong with liking other boys?” I will see tomorrow if I got any responses.

At the end of lunch during the next period, I met up with Devon. He commented on my “gay hair” to which I asked him, “And what’s wrong with that?” He stared wide-eyed at me. “Wait… are you actually?” I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Yeah.” Devon was completely blown away by this. “Whoa! I thought you were kidding earlier!” I asked him again what was wrong with that. “Well, everything.” I was really pissed now. “What do you mean everything?” He ran off to which I followed him, almost screaming at him. I caught up with him back at the classrooms and he told me, “Dude, you’re not my friend anymore.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from him. I was ready to swing at his head for being so ignorant. But I just headed back into Maths and forgot about him.

At the end of the day me and Brian once again met up at the bus stop, me noticing his cute smile when he saw me, causing me to smile as well. We got on the bus where I finally asked him the question. “Taylor said to me that you don’t believe me.” Brian was confused. “You being what?” We were being discrete because there were people around. “You know damn well what.” Brain realized what I was talking about. “Oh. I just said that I would never be together with you.” It was a relief to hear that. We talked some more until I had to go. Before getting off the bus I gave Brian a sweet hug, which he unusually accepted.

I will really have to have a talk with Devon tomorrow. I don’t want to lose a friend and I don’t want him going through life being freaked out my gay people.