Today surely had an unexpected surprise. Definitely not how I had thought it would’ve happened. But we should start at the beginning. I started off with an awful hair day with me not being able to straighten it very well. I apparently used a different shampoo in the shower last night (I have to shower the night before because the mornings are far too busy for our family of 7) and that had made my hair frizzy and unable to be straightened.

The day at school started with me having to skip math in order to take the National Latin Exam. Cool name, huh? Cost me four bucks to take it. It went pretty well actually. I can’t remember exactly what happens if you do good enough on the test, but it probably won’t happen seeing as I guessed on a lot of the questions. It’s okay, there were a lot of cool people there.

We started cooking, FINALLY, in our FACS class today. We were making cookies to get back to the basics. It was ‘oodles’ of fun with me and one of my best friends Sam always trying to sneak our fingers in the mixing bowl and take a bit of dough. Before we put the flour in I must say the mixture looked like vomit. I’ll have to remember that one. We had a good time with the girls in our group always telling us to stop with the licking of the bowl. We didn’t get to bake them today but we will get to tomorrow.

Lunch is where it got interesting. Right when I sat down I got asked by this kid Andrew, (who is really big and tough. You wouldn’t want to get on his bad side) if I straightened my hair again. I said yes, like it was nothing. He then asked me, “So what are you, gay?” I figured it was about time they knew. “You know I should probably just tell you guys but yeah.” they all had their giggles and then my best friend Ricky asked, “Wait are you really?” I said yes again and then the conversation began. Andrew started by joking that I should leave, and of course Dickfer Doug was going to mock me. It was okay though since he seemed like a real ass being the only one making fun of me. Some of the questions were as followed:

Ricky: So do you feel offended when people call you gay?

Me: Actually it hurts a lot less than if it were a straight person seeing as I am gay and it only hurts as much as calling me a human being.

Frankie: Wait so you REALLY are gay?

Me: Yeah

*Frankie giggles after that but I know he’s not an ass. He’s just a tool for Doug which I kind of look down on.

Jayquon: I remember having a gay friend at my old school. Your totally cool with me because if I wasn’t me and my friend couldn’t be friends anymore and we’re really tight.

Andrew: Do your parents know?

Me: No. My mom I know will be cool with it if I do tell her but my did isn’t around too much for me to know if he will or not.

Andrew also said that he would have my back if I was getting any trouble from people which could be helpful when we go to Minuteman. I always thought that this was going to be that hardest thing for me to do, coming out to these friends. They all seemed like the kind of people who would shun me out from their lives for me being this way. But they actually understood and I thought it was really great of them to care.

Now word is spreading though because Ricky says Andrew is the blabbermouth type. I think he was right because word got to my buddy Mark and Ben from Latin class as far as I know. As long as he doesn’t tell this guy Tom in our grade. He’s the type that would try and use this to ruin my life because he’s just that kind of sick bastard who gets a kick out of other people’s misery. So as I was walking down the hall I passed Andrew and said to him, “Just don’t let Tom **** know.”

The hard part is over now. I can just cruise along.