My hair was finally back to normal today and was straightened to almost perfection. Perfection was a couple days ago. I went through the usual routine, except for this time I stayed at breakfast for longer so I could hang with Ricky. He decided not to talk about our discussion with the lunch because of the people around us. I decided to leave a little before school so I could still say hello to Amanda and Venus and walk into school with them. They greeted me with the usual hug, of course with extra hugs from Amanda. We walked in, taking a route that goes with us walking through the 7th grade hallway, which I blended in fine with seeing as they were just as tall as most of the 8th graders. We then parted at the end of the hallway with hugs, and I walked up the staircase next to me to our hallway.

The day started with Latin, which Devon is still absent from for whatever reason, then FACS class, in which we finally got to make the cookies. It ended up being just me and Sam there so we each got 11 cookies! Way too much for one sitting, so we each had 4 and brought the rest home. We decided to take them one at a time for size reasons. It felt sort of like a mafia deal. The teacher actually let us take them to lunch which was cool. But I forgot and decided to get them at the end of the day. I was trying to get Sam to beg for his pencil back after we were done cooking and were allowed to do our homework. Ricky had begged for a pencil the other day and it was just the cutest thing, but Sam said he had no intention of being my sexual thrill. LOL.

In English we finally read more of The Giver which I have been waiting forever to do. Too bad we stopped when the story was getting interesting, but they do it on purpose. And when we got to lunch, the weirdness began.

I went to the lunch table and sat down with my lunch like all was normal, and then I was further questioned throughout the whole lunch period. It started with Frankie asking me (and my answers to all the following were ‘yes’), “Are you really gay?” “So you like boys?” “So you like penis?” I had a bit of giggles on the last one seeing as I never really talked to anyone like that before. Then there were more questions from everyone like “Would you fuck him” or “If I was gay would you go out with me?” Most of the questions were like, “If you could have anyone at this table who would it be?” then one out of the whole school. Most of my answers were Frankie, which really made him feel uncomfortable. We had so many laughs and I was actually completely honest for everything. Yesterday when I told them there was a vote to get me out of the table. It ended up me staying but I would’ve stayed even if everyone hated me. Now the vote was called again, and this time no one voted for me to leave, not even Dipshit Doug, which came as a surprise.

So everything is going okay with them. And the rest of the day was easy sailing. History in which I tried once again to get Sam to beg, which I came close to. Then Math which was the usual fun-with-friends-while-working-somewhat class.

Things seem to be going so great, yet I feel something is going to go wrong soon. Always does.