I had a pretty rough morning seeing as I didn’t do my homework last night and worked on it all morning on the bus and at breakfast. I can be so lazy at times. At breakfast, however, Ricky wasn’t making any joking gay jokes like he and Andrew said they would be doing. So I turn to him and say, “Ya know Ricky you haven’t made any fag jokes today.” And he apparently wasn’t doing it because the kid across from us, Mark, didn’t know. This came off as a bit odd seeing as Ben had told me that Mark was the one who told him. We ended up telling Mark, and he was totally cool with it. Ricky then said that Frankie had told this girl Taylor that I said I would fuck him, and then Taylor shouted it for the whole bus to hear. I cursed her name a few times and then decided to just forget it.

The day started with Science, which was a deal of interesting. We were supposed to make an insulation container for a soda can that would be filled with hot water. And Rita brought the greatest tool of them all to class. Duct Tape. Oh my favorite of all adhesives. All I really wanted to do the whole day was play with it, and I did. I ended up getting a piece stuck to my shoulder by Shaira, two rings around my forearm, and one piece around my middle finger.

Next was history, then Latin, in which I forgot my homework for about the seventh time in a row. Then we had an encore study, which ended up being quite painful. When I first walked in Frankie said to me, “Hey Christian you wanna go out?” I knew he was joking so I played along. “Sure.” He then got all nervous and said, “Whoa. Uuh… never mind.” Amazing, I had a boyfriend for about seven seconds. He kept on bragging that I liked him that way for the whole period.

I got some work done as usual, then these three girls came over and started talking to me. They noticed the duct tape and got worried that it was going to cut off the circulation. I didn’t want to take it off though because it was going to hurt like hell. But I ended up doing it anyway. I asked Frankie if he wanted to do it but he refused, so I had to do it myself. I grabbed the piece on my arm and began to pull. I kept going until it began to hurt, and then when it did, I ripped it as hard as I could.

“Aah! Fuck your mother in the ass with a screwdriver!” I shouted loud enough for everyone to hear, and then burst into laughter. The teacher didn’t though so we were in the clear. Frankie then offered to pull off the second one seeing as he wanted to make me cry. But don’t take it the wrong way, he’s not a sick bastard like that. After the rip, I shouted again. “Aargh you son of a—” This was followed again by laughter.

We had the usual laughter in maths, and the further questioning at lunch. English was next, and then SOAR, which is just an extra period at the end of Thursday. I signed up for wiffle ball, along with Dildo Doug, Frankie, and their friend Sam. Doug wasn’t there however, probably got busted for doing something stupid, as the teacher suggested. I played at first base. When Frankie made it to first he said to me behind my back, “Hey ****. Nice ass.” I had a few giggles and responded with, “Thank you. I’m glad you admire it.”

My day ends with a lonely, rainy bus ride home with my headphones. I have hockey later and if anything happens I’ll post it here. Probably won’t though.