Oh today was an incredible of days. The morning was as usual, wake up, breakfast, and hanging with Amanda and Venus again. Then our day began. It started with progress reports in homeroom. I got a C in math and English, B’s in History and Science, and a D+ in Latin. I knew this was coming so there were no surprises. (BTW if I don’t end up posting on Monday it’s because my computer and Xbox were taken away as punishment.)

My parents take away my xbox and stuff because they think that’s why I’m losing it in school. If they read this blog they would realize that my life is actually more interesting. But no I am just a lazy as to them and if they make my life more boring it will make me a better person. It won’t help me though. All it does is bore the hell out of me. I’m just going ot have to find something to occupy my time a little more.

The day started with Latin, in which we had a quiz, which I aced for the first time in a while. Then second period there was a change in schedule. We were going to get a preview of the school play! It was fantastic. It was titled, “13”. It’s about a Jewish boy who moves away from New York right as his Bar Mitzvah is coming up. He then makes a new friend who is apparently hated by the school and wants to fit in but also wants to be friends with said hated friend. It’s fun and colorful and the acting was quite cheesy at times but it was a god time. I wanted to see the whole play but my mom wouldn’t let me…

The star of the show was the obvious Tristan. He got the lead role last year as Troy in High School Musical. This year he played Evan. Everyone’s favorite actor was Mason, who played a small crippled boy named Archie. Mason is probably one of the cutest boys I’ve ever seen, and today I found out he has a voice like an angel! I would have really really wanted to see the rest of the play but since I couldn’t I’ll probably find out how it went on Monday.

After the play I had encore study, where things got kind of out of hand. It started out slow with Frankie’s usual silly comments that I like him. Then in the middle a group of girls came up to me and wanted to talk about you know what… Frankie asked me when they came up in a mocking voice, “You feel uncomfortable with girls all around you? Most guys would love it…” I rolled my eyes at that one. Taylor(the one who shouted that I’d fuck Frankie to the bus) wanted to know a little bit more about it. She said she was serious but anyone hearing the questions would’ve thought she was trying to mess with me. She asked if i jacked off, to which I responded, “I’m pretty sure all boys do. Not just gay ones.” Then she wanted to know how often gay people do it. I’m pretty sure that’s the same for all boys, too. And like I know…

The questions got a little more uncomfortable as she went along, talking about who I liked. On that one we ended up talking forever about Frankie’s gorgeous eyes. They are a pale bluish-gray which gives you a shiver as if you were on ice. They are the most dreamy eyes I have ever seen in my life.

I surprisingly answered all the questions completely honestly, and the whole table ended up getting involved which was a little weird. At the end of the period Taylor went a little out of line and asked me how large mine was… That I refused to answer seeing as for one i have no idea, and two that seems a bit unreasonable to answer. The teacher dismissed us right after the question was asked so I didn’t stick around for her to ask again.

After that discussion, somehow it only took ten minutes for the entire school to find out I was gay. Suddenly, at the start of the next period, this kid Danny was looking for me outside my hallway. At first I thought he was going to beat me crapless since he’s that kind of guy. Then at lunch he came over to my table to just confirm I was truly gay. Then some girl Ashley told her entire table at lunch that I was gay. I didn’t turn around but Ricky said they were looking at me. Then another table next to mine was staring at me with creepy smiles. All eyes were on me.

Then as I was shifting from math to science a boy Lakota said to me, “Did you really tell everyone you were gay?” I said yes and he just walked with a smile to his next class. Then I overheard this guy Michael in our English class saying to his friend Henry, “He’s gay.” I could only imagine who they were talking about. The last of the comments happened at the end of the day when this sort-of friend of mine came up to me in the hallway and just wanted to confirm it. Then he asked if I thought he was hot in the hallway. I just made the ‘sort of’ hand gesture to him.

Did i say that was the last of it? Oh. Well on the bus some girl sat next to me and asked, “Did you say you like Frankie, like… gay?” So I said plainly, “Yes.” She said it was weird… Weird? God some people… My buddy Sam just piped up and called her a dumb hoe. It’s not like Sam to speak up like that but it was pretty funny if you ask me, and she had it coming.  I then hit on Sam, although I wouldn’t actually consider going out with him. He’s cute and all, but I know for a fact he’s straight and we’re too good of friends to be together. It was a good deal of laughs, though. He kept getting grossed out, which left Ella, a good friend of mine plus Sam’s best friend and girlfriend in stitches.

I came home to be yelled at by my parents about my grades, which honestly, I could care less about at the moment. I think there’s something bigger going on right now.

So now everyone knows… Everyone of course except my family. But I have no intentions of telling them for a good long while.