Right now I am posting from our school’s media center since my computer at home was taken away from me due to my not so great grades. It sucks. So I’ll have to make this post sweet and short.
So today really sucked seing as it has been pouring rain since yesterday. I ended up waiting at the bus stop for a whole ten minutes getting soaked before it came. When I got to school I was so drenched I decided to go through the day with no socks on. It started with math which was your basic worksheets, then Latin where I doodled as always. Next was science where we continued our insulator. Then gym in which we were supposed to have a health class but we ended up joining other classes instead.
At lunch the boy Nick tried to hit on me but I know he’s straight so I try to ignore him. Today he scooted over to me with his thumb sticking out his fly trying to make it look like you-know-what. I just looked away.
On the way back to classes he walked by me and called me a faggot. I know I couldn’t let him get to me and it didn’t. I turned around and said, “Love you too, sweetheart!” with a smile.
Then we had English and History, the usual snore, and then Drama.
In Drama I was interviewed the usual gay questions by this girl Paula. She wasn’t as disturbing as Taylor though. We talked about who we thought was hot and another conversation about Frankie. It wans’t creepy at all and was a fun chat.
I now have to go homne and rescue my drowning basement. Sorry for no pictures and not a long post. I’ll try to get a better one in tomorrow.


Okay I am sneaking a post in form home right now.

When I got home the driveway was flooded. I had to spend the whole afternoon shoveling it out. Thne I decided to go down the park because the water was waist deep. To think that it was dry land at some point and this much rain had filled it. I later realized it was mixed with raw sewage which I showered off later. I got some footage on tape, too. If I can I may be able to post it here at some point but not for a while.

When I got home my mom said that my sister Abby had been told by these two people, Lorenzo and Reed, that I was gay. I pretended it was all some crazy lie but I wanted to cry. I would like to have a talk with the two boys, maybe I’ll have to drive it through their skulls too…

Things are getting too close and I’ll really have to watch myself. I told my sister to not let my mom in on any of that stuff again. She didn’t think for a second the boys may have been right either.