I am supposed to be doing my Latin homework right now and my dad said he’ll reset my password later. The current password is “I AM A COMPLETE IDIOT”. I tried to crack the password before and I tried calling myself an idiot but I never would have guessed to put the word ‘complete’ before it. If I can crack it later I will definitely be able to get back on track with my blog posts again.

So today began like the usual, except I woke up late so I had no time to straighten my hair. so I went through the day with my not-as-pretty hair. It was okay though since I straightened it last night so it was almost straight. At breakfast, though, I was a bit teed off at the smaller kids who are friends with Ricky and his cute twin Billy. (Twin? Wouldn’t that mean they’re both cute? Well yes, but they’re fraternal so they don’t look alike.)

They were acting like I was some sort of disease being gay since they just found out yesterday at breakfast. One kid, Tommy (Ricky and Billy’s other brother) was really being an ass so I said to him, “Tommy. I will fuck you so hard you’ll cry.” He apparently got scared of me then seeing as he just got up and left after giving me a weird look. Then his other friend, whose name escapes me, left because I told him, “You’re next. I got a thing for short people.” and as he was leaving I shouted “Bye, Sweetie!” Good times.

We had a sub in Math today so I got to sit at a different table with John, Chris, and a couple of girls. I told them I was starting to freak out seeing as my mom is catching on to me being gay. It didn’t help yesterday that I tried to walk away after she asked the question. I just wanted to get out of there.

Next was English then Latin, a bore as always. Next was FACS class, where we are now making soft pretzels. The dough looked pretty dry, though. I think we may have screwed up somewhere. Sam had asked me, “So… do you like watch… gay porn?” It wasn’t like Sam to ask but knowing him it wasn’t him just trying to get a cheap laugh. So I told him yes and he then asked me if it was enjoyable, to which I just didn’t answer.

At lunch Nick was once again being his usual dumbass self. He did that finger in the fly trick to which I today responded, “How much do you ant for it?” He talked with his friends and then said, “Eighty dollars.” I gave him a look and said, “For that pathetic thing?” It got the “Ohhhh!” from the rest of the guys at the table. I am good.

History was next. The teacher is starting to get on my nerves. Every time I say something to Sam he says, “I heard that.” Next time he does I think I’ll just ask him, “Well what did I say then?” I’ll get him yet.

On the ride home, the rain had apparently blocked off the path that the bus driver takes, so he decided to make a surprise detour around his route and directly to the station. I asked him what was going on and he said to me, “Well I’m going to the station.” And when I told him I needed to get off, he said to me, “Well that’s what you get for not listening.” I was really pissed at him now. Like I could hear him with my obviously noticeable giant headphones on. So I shouted “Well fuck you then!” and stomped to the back. I called my mom to pick me up and waited to arrive there. Maybe I’d run into Brian there.

I got to the station and two people behind me asked, “Do you know where you’re going?” I don’t know why but seeing these nice people for a change put a smile on my face. “I do now.” They smiled back and headed down the stairs to the train station. At least there are some good people in the world. But bus drivers… Bus drivers are assholes.

I am now home enjoying some brownies I made for the hell of it. It’s probably the first thing I made that i didn’t burn. I hope to get back to posting like I normally do again. The school computer doesn’t support the WordPress page theme. So it looks like a blank HTML page and it just makes it harder to write with.