Oh wow…

Today was my usual routine, except that Ricky and Billy wasn’t at breakfast when I got there. But I did get to eat with Amanda and Venus today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Amanda and Venus were dressed in all green, including bows, their clothes, necklaces, and a large green hat. I realized my attire was not according to the holiday today. We usually celebrate my mom’s birthday today, though. Yep. My mom was born on this day. We would be celebrating it later by cleaning her car.

Classes started with Latin, in which I had to go back to my locker mid-class to get my homework which I worked hard for last night and wasn’t about to have it missing today. Next was FACS, where we would be cooking our pretzels today. We were able to shape them any way we wanted. I wanted to do something interesting, and it came to me. Shaira thought it was the cutest thing. And I made two so I could interlock them. Can’t guess? Here’s a hint:

English and Science were the usual. Then was Drama. Boy was I pissed at the teacher. She gave us a test today, but she obviously didn’t know how to make one because she ended up asking us questions about the school play which I never saw… I was going to write a note but didn’t want to bother. I was passing this class anyway for showing up.

Lunch was… odd. The boys wanted to mess with me some more so this time Frankie did the finger in the fly trick, which I just giggled at. They also teased Billy because I said if I had the chance I would kiss him. They were saying that if that was true then it would be happening sometime soon. Clever. At the end of lunch they were trying to turn me on by lifting up their shirts. And I’ll be honest… It did. Ricky did it first to which I responded, “Keep going.” Me and my mouth. Then Nick did it which the boys obviously caught me being interested. I probably should have looked away a few seconds into it but it was too tempting.

We started a propaganda project in History in groups, which for me included this boy Jonathan, who may just be my answer to the cutest boy in school question. He is perfect. Great body, dark blond curly hair, sweet blue eyes, and braces, which I seem to find a total turn on! And lastly we had Math. I was paying attention perfectly in class until I got a call from the office saying I had to go down later.

At the end of the day I went down where I was sat down by the principal and the guidance counselor. I was first asked the usual how I’m doing and how my grades were. Then it was down to business. At first I thought they found out I was gay and wanted to talk about it and if I was getting trouble. But they had told me that someone reported me smoking. It was apparently a worried friend but a worried friend wouldn’t lie. They acted all worried and said they were going to call my mom. Oh god… Though I think I handled it well by laughing at them and walking out.

When I went back to my locker to pack up, John came over to me and asked what was up with me and the office. I told him and he just gave a puzzled look. “I know,” I said to him. I met up with Brian and told him about it, and he just laughed. I almost put my thumb and index up t my lips as I was walking by the office to mess with the teachers but they weren’t there and I think I got the message across by being a smartass.

When I got home I talked to my mom about it. She had gotten the call and apparently argued with them. She said to them that if it was one of her other kids she would listen but not me. She also said that if I were to ever go to the office it would be for knocking someones teeth in seeing all the crap I put up with. She thinks that the comments on my being gay were because of my earring. Thank god she’s off the trail on that one. She says she want us to communicate more but I think she knows all she needs to.

Boy I hope my mom didn’t say too much otherwise I may end up back in the office about my other problems…