MBTA stands for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority by the way.

So today started not so well. I got on the bus and overpaid for my fare. But the driver had the fare counter on the wrong setting. It was set to the normal fare rate rather than a student one. So I didn’t get my change. I told him I wanted it and was starting to get a bit teed off. He says in not even complete sentences, “go just let the next guy on.” I looked at him funny and tried telling him ‘no’ but he obviously didn’t care. “Give me my freaking money!” I shouted smacking the wooden sign on the back of his chair, almost snapping it in two. It was obvious he wasn’t going to give it to me so I just said, “Screw you,” and walked to the back of the bus with my middle finger in the air behind me.

Then on my way off the bus he told me to stop so he could talk to me. “Don’t be coming in here when I try to talk to you with those headphones on,” He said in an annoyed tone. It was obvious he didn’t see me take off the headphones when I told him to give me my god damn money in the first place. “I don’t give you the money because I see you get on for free all the time. I count it and ten times you get on for free. Remember?” I looked at him with an I-don’t-really-give-a-damn expression on my face. “No,” I said with a smartass attitude which I have mastered so well. “No? Well I see you get on for free all the time and if anything you owe me ten bus fares. Now explain yourself to me!” I was in no mood for him anymore. I walked off the bus all cool and held up my middle finger once more as he drove away. The crossing lady asked me what was up with the bus driver. All I could say was, “He’s an asshole.”

I made my usual routine of breakfast and headed into homeroom where I told Ella about the situation. “Oh my god, Christian!” she said. She seemed pretty annoyed with me. Apparently my attitude wasn’t appropriate toward the bus driver. But she wasn’t there.

We started with Science where we are now learning about astronomy which I am starting to actually get into. then we had History in which we worked on or propaganda some more. Then was Latin,and then to directed study. In study I sat with Frankie and his friends along with his ex-girlfriend Leila. We talked about the you-know-what and a lot about what we liked about Frankie.

Frankie started listening and wanted to know what we were saying about him and said, “Maybe if you tell em it would improve your chances with me.” I just gave him a ‘yeah right’ but he kept on insisting I tell him. I doubted it would ever happen but it intrigued me. So I decided to give him the eye dilation test. And wouldn’t you know it his eyes dilated when he looked at me. Even Leila agreed that they did. “What does that even mean?” I told him what it meant and he freaked. “Whoa! No way I don’t like Christian…” We all laughed and he was still skeptical so I told him to try it on Leila. His eyes didn’t dilate. “Damn,” he said.

Leila included at the end that Frankie was an excellent kisser. I looked at her with a smile. “Really?”

Last was English before Wiffle Ball for SOAR. And guess who was back from his recent suspension for mooning a girl? Douggy! He came in being a real asswipe or… Doug as I call it. He said to Frankie and their friend Sam, “Guys we have to say hi yo Christian in a proper way.” And then he said in the queen type gay voice including a girly pose and a tongue smack, “Haaay!” God I have to admit it was pretty funny. I forgot Doug got suspended right after everyone found out so he didn’t realize everything had kind of blown over by now. The best part about it was that Frankie actually had my back when Doug mocked me which I thought was really sweet of him, seeing how he usually always took Doug’s side on everything.

Our game was ruined however by the Mentoring kids, who I recently noticed all seem to look the same. It was way too crowded and they were making way too much noise than necessary. They also for some reason laughed after every strike one of their friends had, which annoyed the hell out of me. I looked over at Frankie and realized he had been pretty pissed the Mentoring kids were here, too.

On our way to our lockers at the end of the day Doug followed me saying, “Wait up, wait up!” in his gay queen voice. “What do you want, Doug?” I said trying to seem annoyed and not letting him know I was laughing at him. “A buttfuck,” he said in his normal voice again. I had the perfect comeback. “That can be arranged.” I got the laughs and Doug told his friends. Back at my locker Nick walked by and made the usual “faggot” remark. Somehow when he says it it annoys me, but no one else. Maybe because he really wants it to sting.

On the bus ride home Brian came to me and smacked me with his hat that had what felt like rocks in it. “Ow! What’s in there?” He had a pair of leather gloves and so I just had to try them on. They were pretty damn sweet so I decided to keep them… At least until tomorrow.

When I got home I had to take the old LOVE seat with my brother and put it on the front walk so it can go out in the trash. We had a huge struggle and I even got caught out on the top porch where we would be throwing it off of. We eventually got it through the doorway to the porch and watched it fall two stories to the ground below. Mommy was pissed however since we dented the gutter so she told me to fix it. So I hopped the railing, dangerously perching myself along the edge of the porch. It was actually pretty scary. But I just told myslelf to not think about falling and dying and that sort of stuff…

Once it was all done I was finally able to relax. Tomorrow we will be getting our new couch! Hooray! It’s actually really awesome. It’s a corner leather couch. Every seat reclines. It has a chaise at the end and even cup holders, which i king of found tacky but still awesome. I can’t wait!