I had been talking with Shaira, Rita, and Charlie last night about our project and then just a friendly chat with everyone. Just a random current events session. Then Ian came along asking about me saying I liked his hair (and I love it!) He has nice long blond hair down to his chest! Gorgeous! Then Shaira, Rita, and Charles left me and Ian alone. They wanted Ian to ask me out. Rita kept on in a separate chat asking how it was going and if he asked me yet but he was stalling. It was all going wonderful until my dad started screaming about how he was having trouble tearing apart our old couch. And as you know I’m really not supposed to be on my computer. So I had to give a quick “gtg” and left without another word, leaving poor Ian alone. I felt like an ass.

But today I was excited to see them all again and ended up skipping breakfast. But I didn’t really care. I wanted Ian to ask me so bad and I swear if he didn’t do it before the bells I would do it myself. I had been shifting from Ian to Shaira to Rita to Amanda and Venus to Brian. All I wanted was for Ian to freaking ask me! He was being sweet to me like when I was returning Brian’s kinky gloves but I told Brian to get my hat from his friend Taylor who had stolen it earlier. He didn’t want to play that game so he tried to just take the gloves. But Ian came in like a knight in shining armor and made Brian obey.

Then Brain-cheek-poking-hat-stealing Taylor came over again and knocked my hat off my head. She then picked it up and ran off with it. I began chasing her with Brian close behind. We had gotten all the way to almost the other side of the school building when a tall figure with flowing blond hair came rushing past us after Taylor. I stopped and shouted, “Go Ian!” and watched them disappear into the crowd of people.

Ian came out later with my hat and Taylor behind him, defeated. We walked back to our hangout spot where it was just about to go in. Apparently all our other friends were going in and it was just me left with Ian. He looked at me, I looked back…

“Ella!” I shouted to her as she came into homeroom. “Great news!” I shouted as I gave her a big bear hug. Ella giggled along with Sam who was right next to us. “What is it?” I looked up at her. “I have a boyfriend,” I whispered into her ear, not letting anyone else hear. She gaped at me with a big open-mouthed smile. “Who?” I was floating off the ground by now. “Ian ****!” They all knew him as Shaira’s ex-boyfriend. “No way!” she shouted. Sam was wondering what was up and I moved my lips into the form of the sentence ‘I have a boyfriend’. He surprisingly understood and asked me who it was. I told him it was Ian and he was so very happy for us.

Ian had popped the question on me right as we were going into school. I was just about to ask him myself at that point, too. My god I didn’t feel my feet on the ground the whole day. Right when he asked me I gave an immediate “Yes!” and gave him a huge hug. I then found Shaira and told her the good news. Her face lit up and she told me how happy she was for us and gave me a hug. So many hugs going around today. I walked in with Ian and we gave each other one more great hug before we went into our separate grades. Most people wouldn’t think of going out with someone in a lower grade than them but Ian is just so sweet and his hair is irresistible!

I hardly paid attention to my classes today because all I could think about was Ian, Ian, Ian! I had told Devon and a couple other friends, but I couldn’t find Rita anywhere. She was the one who would mostly want to hear this. Devon was not very happy for me however which really got me angry at him. Why not be happy? Your friend has finally found someone he can be happy with and you hate it? I told him, “How dare you be that way!” He was acting like it was something wrong and I thought we went over this. I suppose he had still not been the same though ever since I told him a while ago.

I had told Dan about it in Latin and he was happy with it. After that I shouted it over to Devon that Dan was such a good friend. Devon tried to reason with Dan to get him on his side but Dan being a good person said that it was perfectly fine. Next was Gym where we were playing Pickleball… Pickleball? It was really just oversized ping-pong with a badminton net. then we had History where Dan kept the whole class in stitches during our propaganda presentations acting like and outraged and insane man speaking his mind. He reminded me of Dr. Frankenstein from the movie where he was screaming to a college class. It was hilarious.

Our next period was directed study. Oh boy. I had got in there and already the entire school knew about me and Ian. This is just like the incident with me coming out. Frankie and his friends were being their usual asshole selves talking about gross inappropriate things. Then I was called over to awful-question-asking Taylor’s table where her and her friends Sarah, Maria, Ally, and a few others wanted to talk about me… again. They asked me the usual who’s hot and who’s not and some about Ian. Taylor asked the usual stupid questions and once she asked if I would give Ian a BJ I just turned and said, “Okay you are the biggest dumb bitch I have ever known.” That didn’t make her shut up but it did make her tone down the descriptive questions.

At the end they ended up dragging me over to a table of boys and making me rate them. The girls said they wouldn’t have a clue but they obviously knew exactly what was going on. I only got in one answer for one guy named Richie, who was a solid 8, before curling up in a ball on the floor laughing. Wow it was embarrassing.

At lunch Doug was his Dougly self and I got the first question, “****, do you really have a boyfriend?” I told them ‘yes’ but I didn’t give them a name for Ian’s sake. But that idea was shortly ruined by Ricky yelling out his name for all to hear. They were mocking me seeing as he was a seventh grader but I think either me or Ian could punch any of their lights out.

Next on the agenda was Math in which I told John, keeping it a secret form Chris and Adam, though. He was happy for me as well (it’s just Devon…) And then was Science where we watched a movie on the beginning of the universe with the Big Bang and all that. The only thing that caught my attention was that apparently human life is only going to be around for something-billion more years before the sun dies in a balloon type way and we get incinerated… Wow.

Last period was English which was boring and HOT! I felt like dying. When the day was over Shaira took me to see Ian on her way out. We greeted with hugs and a hello. But guess who followed us? I heard a voice from a certain “friend” who has been a recent pain-in-the-ass lately. “There you are!” Devon said from behind us. Devon was really being an ass around us and I just put my head down and waited for him to leave. After he was gone Ian didn’t seem to know what was going on with Devon. “He doesn’t like us,” I had told him. Ian said it was no big deal and he can fight so if it was necessary there shouldn’t be any problems.

We left each other with a hug and I was on my way to the bus with Brian. Next week will be his leaving day also known as my saddest day. But it happens I guess. Doesn’t mean I won’t cry.

Spring must be in the air! I love it! I also came home to almost a brand new couch. It was a lot bigger than it seemed in the store. The corner piece was also missing and I’ll have to bring it up into the house form the garage later.

Love. and: