I woke up late and almost missed the bus but I got on just in time. Good thing, too. I wouldn’t want to miss hanging with Ian again. I made my breakfast quick, not waiting for a bagel, and just grabbed a cereal cup once I went into the school. When I came out I was greeted with a bombardment of hugs by Amanda and Venus. And wouldn’t you know it, Ian, Rita, and Shaira were there as well. Things were fine until Frankie came outside with a couple of his friends to screw with me and Ian. He asked us if we were really going out. Yes. If we’ve hugged at all. Yes. And if we kissed each other. No. He tried to encourage us to kiss each other right there. But it seemed pretty odd just doing it right then and there and why would we want to satisfy them?

Homeroom was a bit odd. I told Ella and a couple other friends about how it went telling my parents. Once I started talking about it the whole class went silent. I was in mid-story when I looked up to see EVERYONE staring at me. I could have sworn I was only talking to one person.

The day started with Math, in which I can finally understand some of the things we are learning about. Finally! Then we had English. I think the teacher forgot about yesterday’s incident with my smart remark. But I was laying low the whole class trying not to get any attention.

Then was Science where we got assigned groups for our astronomy project. Let me tell you. I got absolutely screwed with this one! I would have preferred any other group then the one I had now. Hell there was one which included Shaira, Rita, and Charles. One had Ricky and Jonathan. And another had my friends Jenelle and Leah. But no I get caught in a group of strangers and a psycho bitch!

Next was FACS which turned into a study since the teacher wasn’t there for like the millionth time! And of course she had to leave a worksheet for us to finish. But me and Sam just said ‘screw this’ and went straight for our homework. Any of the answers on the worksheet would be common sense to a normal person as I scanned it over before tossing it aside.

Lunch was amazing. I had gotten so pissed at Doug since he kept throwing food and got knows what else at me. Something even hit my eye which felt like a rock, or just the crappy cafeteria food. Then Andrew had said to him, “Doug! You hatin’ on **** because he’s gay?” Doug just smiled and said, “No. I just don’t want a friend who could potentially butt fuck me.” He thought he was so smart. So I got in the game. And I ended it fast. “I told you Doug, I’m not into pussy.” I had said back at him. The whole table made an “Oooh!” which made Doug sink into his seat and whisper, “Faggot…” which was the key word in letting me know I had won.

Next was Latin, where I continued to pry at Devon to tell me why he was upset with me, but to no avail. Then we had History. The teacher is really starting to get on my nerves saying, “I heard that!” every time I talk to Sam. Lastly was directed study where I continued to lay low form our English teacher who watched our class.

“Hey Christian!” Shaira told me as I was about to leave. “Ian said he wanted to see you.” I hadn’t expected Ian to call me. I had walked down to his hall way where I spotted him coming down the ramp. “Shaira said you wanted to see me?” He said yes as he lead me to the corner of the main lobby. He looked at me for a few seconds, and then moved toward me as he pressed his lips to mine.

OMG! I just got kissed by a boy, and a cute one, for the first time! He looked at me and said, “Happy?” with a smile. “Yes.” I said with a big grin on my face. As I left the building I saw a group of kids I knew, Chris, Yuki, and Avi, staring at me. I think they saw what just happened, and they were as shocked as I was.

I gave Ella a huge hug when I met her at the bus stop, and told her what happened. “Yay!” she said back to me, and we hugged while apparently spinning in circles. A bunch of sixth graders had followed me and Ella onto the bus and this one kid, Reed, had called me out in front of everyone about Ian. Of course I had nothing to hide, and that became the topic of discussion the whole ride home.

I’m home now. Freezing my ass off. And of course thinking about that big event. When I thought about it, the kiss was pretty weird. Probably because he caught me of guard and I couldn’t kiss him back. It was still incredibly cute of him.

And there’s one more thing I want to ask everyone here. Do you think me and Ian are going a bit fast? That thought kind of haunts me. Rita had told me of a time where she had a relationship that went too fast and they broke up shortly. I really don’t want that to happen. Leave a comment of your opinion below.